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A Lesson from Ms. Pac-Man

The other day, I was at the arcade, and I was playing one of my favorite video games—a classic—Ms. Pac-Man.

Just in case you don’t know, when you play Ms. Pac-Man, you earn points by eating pellets and avoiding the ghosts. If Ms. Pac-Man makes contact with the ghosts, she’ll die.

But when you eat a power pellet, a big pellet, the ghosts turn blue temporarily. You can then eat the ghosts. Every now and then, you can earn extra points by eating fruit—an apple, a pear, a strawberry, a cantaloupe.

And the other day, while playing Ms. Pac-Man, I only had a few more pellets to eat, before I cleared the board.

But then I saw a banana jumping across the maze! And I just had to make sure that Ms. Pac-Man had some potassium in her system. And because I was sidetracked and distracted by the banana, a ghost caught me.

I missed my chance to move to the next level fooling around with a banana! I missed my chance to move to the next level because my priorities were not in order!

And you’ve got to make sure that your priorities are in order.

You’ve got to make sure that you are keeping the main thing the main thing. Always remember that the Lord is the main thing.